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We cooperate with many factories around the world. 

Because we work with many of our factories worldwide our prices remain competitive for our customers.

We ship the product also directly from the manufacturer to any destination across the globe.

All products we sell are certified by S.G.S Group.

SGS is the world leader in the field of inspection, verification, testing and certification. SGS is the global benchmark for quality and integrity.



G- Beverages Partnership at Netherlands Have The Right Solution For Shipping Your Goods And Storage Your Goods At Netherlands . We Focus  To A Smart Solution Service , A Effective And Profitable Solution For Large , Medium And Small Business. We Offered About All Kinds Of Beverages Products ,  And Also Dry Food Products In Wholesales  As rice, beans, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc..

Our service solution 

       The Best Port Solution .                            The Best Shipping Solution .           The Best Warehouses Solution .                                                                         

We sell online

We Offered  Our Customers the best Online  Solution World Wide Beverages products.